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Product Customization.

In recent times, the desire to own customized products has increased tremendously. People make purchases, wishing to have those products look exactly like they would want it.

A few years back, this was only possible with a few products like mugs or phone cases where people used to have their texts customized or pictures printed, but with recent technological advancements which make it possible for customers to view products in real time as they are being customized, this has turned into a vast online business and product customization is currently being offered for a large variety of products.

Product personalization on shopify

What is Product Customization

According to Wikipedia, customization (also known as personalization) consists of tailoring a service or a product to accommodate specific individuals, sometimes tied to groups or segments of individuals. Product Customization is therefore, a process of delivering tailored services or products according to the desires of the customer. This is used by a wide variety of organizations to improve customer satisfaction.

“Product Customization is a process of delivering tailored services or products according to the desires of the customer.”

Product Customization Apps

These are applications that enable customers to personalize products the way they like. Before they can be used on an eCommerce website, they need to be installed by the merchant or website owner. Product customization apps have features which include the addition of multiple images, language translation, live product previews, free trial periods, image filtering, etc.

Examples of product customization apps which can be added to shopify (an eCommerce platform) are customify and qstomizer. While these product customization applications share basic features such as live product previews and language translation, they also vary with a few other services that they offer. For instance, customify has a 14 day trial period, while qstomizer can be tried for only 7 days free. A customer can add filters to image uploads on qstomizer, but this feature is unavailable in customify.


Product Customization helps merchants learn about customers, and also helps to create personalized experiences for customers. Therefore in order to provide the best experience for customers, it is important to make the right choice of product customization applications as this would determine to a large extent, the quality of customer experience that is provided.

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